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Two Fall Recipes and a Song at the Dentist

In the last couple months I’ve started making recipes from the website Skinnytaste.com  Thanks to Aaryn Richardson that introduced me to this fantastic site!


I LOVE rhubarb anything.  My mom found some rhubarb at the grocery store and I was looking for a couple recipes using strawberries and rhubarb (my favorite combination).  My favorite one was a Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp.  It was really easy to make, healthy, and delicious…especially with some cool whip!  You can find the recipe at http://www.skinnytaste.com/2011/05/strawberry-rhubarb-crisp.html.

Another thing I love and feeds my fall obsession is ANYTHING pumpkin.  We had a big can of pumpkin that my Mom used half of.  Well I found a recipe to use the other half of the can…Pumpkin Pie Dip!  Besides the pumpkin, the recipe is made up of things you would have around the house for the most part (assuming cool whip and greek yogurt is normal to have around the house).  I made it with vanilla greek yogurt which added lots of sweetness.  The dip is perfect with apples.  I just recently started eating the dip with honey crisp apples and it has been the perfect combination!  My picture wasn’t at exciting so I also added the picture from Skinnytaste.com  I could never take a picture with the apples posed because I just wanted to start eating 🙂

You can probably guess which one is mine and which is from skinnytaste.com.  I do promise you thought, it tasted AMAZING 🙂   http://www.skinnytaste.com/2010/11/pumpkin-pie-dip.html

Today I had to go to the dentist to get my 6 month cleaning and get some fillings.  I had some fillings a couple weeks ago as well.  I didn’t go the dentist forever so I am now paying for it (literally and painfully).  I noticed last time I was getting fillings that I started to fall asleep.  That definitely can’t happen because what if I start to fall asleep and jerk awake and he has that drill in my mouth?  So during my cleaning today I felt very relaxed at first.  I think after driving through torrential downpour it felt nice to just lay back and have no responsibility.  Once the fillings started I started to get sleepy.  No idea why this does this to me.  It got really bad during the last 15 minutes so I started singing that 100 bottles of beer song to myself.  I kept “drifting off” and skipping numbers or forgetting where I was…I ended around 52.  Sadly I have to go to the dentist next week again, but then I will be done at the dentist for 6 months!  Hoorah!

Off to sleep and try to get over the aching pain I have in my mouth!


This is my new attempt…

to start blogging again.  This is one of the rare Sundays I can stay up late because I don’t have school tomorrow.  Thank you to my Jewish friends!!!  So I am using this extra time to change up my blog and also to get stuff done for the week.  There is nothing that feels better to me than relaxing after I know that I’ve been productive.

So my new blog title of “trying to do both” has to do with my little subtitle, which is a quote from Benjamin Franklin.  “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  While I really enjoy my days of being lazy and wish I could go back to summer when my days included working out, coffee, Criminal Minds, and napping, I want to also go back to doing some more exciting things!  In that spirit, I will mention one of those things from my weekend!  One of them was yesterday when my good friend Terah and I went to Dutch County Farmers Market!  http://www.burtonsvilledutchmarket.com/  This was an Amish Market in Laurel that was pretty much the greatest place I have ever been.  Terah said they are only open Thursday-Saturday and then spend the rest of their week getting ready and making all the food.  I was also told by Terah that I have “old taste.”  Here is what I bought…soft pretzel sticks, peanut brittle, beet chips, strawberry rhubarb pie, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, and a sour cream donut.  Old taste??  I just got what I loved! 🙂  Next weekend may involve a trip to the Renaissance Festival!

Well I do have to enjoy staying up late one of the rare Sunday nights that I can and what better way to spend it than catching up on some episodes of Criminal Minds!

Till next time!

Books, MSA, and PT

Sooooo here is what I have been up to!  I finished two more books in the last month.  So far I read Handle with Care, When Crickets Cry and The Pact.  In the last month I finished The Mountain Between Us and The Hunger Games!!  It had just been Charles Martin and Jodi Picoult until I read The Hunger Games.  So first, The Mountain Between Us, was very good!  I am not someone who would usually pick a book about people that get stranded after their plane crashes, but the story of what happens after the crash was really interesting to me.  Once I started the book, I finished it pretty quickly.  It made me really really really hope I never end up in a crashed plane in the middle of nowhere.  On Monday I started to read The Hunger Games and finished it tonight!  I wanted to finish it so Matt and I could go see the movie tomorrow night.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start to read the books, but with the movie coming out I decided to just give it a try.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed the book.  Like the last book I read, it wasn’t a story I thought I would get into, but I wanted to use every spare second to read it!  So my next book to read will be Catching Fire (2nd book in the Hunger Games).

Now, we had MSA the last two weeks and I was testing students in a small group.  I was with a hilarious kid who just said the silliest things…

  • “Ms. Schmidt I can’t wait till I get home to take a shower…I smell rotten!”
  • “Do you wanna come over to my house after school today…I’m not busy…”

I wish I could remember more cause there were a TON more funny things, but these really stuck in my head.

Last thing…I had been having this horrible foot pain that started to travel to my ankle as well for the last three weeks.  Last Friday I went to the podiatrist and he said I have really bad tendinitis.  So today I had my first physical therapy session.  I’m supposed to go 3 times a week to hopefully fix this all up.  Today she just evaluated everything and told me that my foot is messed up haha.  Then I got a sweet massage on my foot that felt good and hurt like crazy at the same time…I guess it was to break up everything in my foot and ankle.  Then we did some exercises and finished up with ice and stim.  Three times a week is a lot of my time to give up when each session is like 90 minutes so I hope it makes things better!

Okay time to go to bed!


Stop Kony

So I usually wouldn’t post a video or anything for people and half the time I don’t get into what everyone else is posting, but this is soo important to watch.  See what this horrible man is doing to children in Uganda and other parts of Africa.  It is truly horrible.

It is amazing that since Tuesday, this video has gotten 40 million views…definitely using today and how the world views information to the advantage of this cause.  Also after looking at facebook groups, I can see that teens all over Howard County are now aware (because of this video) and trying to get involved.  Starting with the event on April 20th that they talk about in this video.

I know it’s 30 minutes, but definitely give it a watch, it is worth it.

Strange Things Kids Say…

So today was a day of strange, silly, and weird things…they may be funny as well but a little different from the usual amusing things

  • When learning about Tchaikovsky I mentioned how he wrote the Nutcracker music and how my 3rd graders would remember the music from watching Tom and Jerry Nutcracker when they were in like kindergarten.

One of my students:  “WAIT…did he write ALL the music for Tom and Jerry??”

Me: “No, just the Nutcracker music that is in Tom and Jerry Nutcracker episode.”

The kid (sadly): “Oh mannn that’s too bad…if he wrote it all he’d probably be REALLY famous.”

Ohhh poor Tchaikovsky…

  • My 3rd grade chorus desperately wants to know what the pop song is that they’ll get to do for their concert.  They asked for a hint today…

Me: “It’s in a movie.”

Girl in chorus: “I know what it is!!!”

Me: “How could you know when there are hundreds and thousands of movies?”

Girl: “Well I know it’s a song in a movie with a lot of singing!!”

  • One of my students was sitting there in class today and taking his shoelaces out of his shoes

Me: “Why are you taking out your shoelaces?”

Him: “Because I want to wash my shoes”

Me: “When you get home?  Why would you need them out now?”

Him: “Because I want to be able to put the shoes in the wash THE SECOND I get home.”

  • In Chorus today I was waiting for some of the kids to settle down before we start and then all of a sudden it was absolutely silent………except for my one student who “whispers” quietly enough for everyone to hear…”awkwaaaaaaaaaard.”
  • I was sitting at my computer today doing work.  My computer faces the back of the room so my back is to my door.  I was sitting there doing things not hearing anything and then I heard someone say “Ms.Schmidt.”  And I pretty much jumped out of my seat and peed my pants.  A kid had walked into my room so quietly that I had nooo clue he was there till he said my name and was right next to me.  Sneaky kids…

So yeah not the usual funny stuff but still amusing…just in a stranger way.

Ohhh and I’m almost done another book!  Hoorah!!

Two books in a month!!

Well I just finished my third book of 2012.  The first one was when I read “Handle with Care” by Jodi Picoult, but I read the majority of that during Winter Break.  I am however, impressed with myself and that I read two books in between January 17th (when I did my book review post) and yesterday.

The first one was When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin.  This was my favorite book of his that I have read so far.  It was about a man who has a secret past that is revealed throughout the book as you flash between present-day and the past with his wife as they are growing up.  The other main character is a little girl who needs a new heart.  I don’t want to go into too many details but this was a really good book.  I also found out more than I ever thought there was to know about the heart.  It goes into a lot about the heart since you find out the man’s wife had a similar condition.  I would definitely recommend it.  I probably only picked it up a few times since each time I did, I read a huge chunk of it.

The second book that I just finished last night was The Pact by Jodi Picoult.  I truly love Jodi Picoult’s books because I cannot put them down and I think she is a fantastic writer.  Her books are sooo well researched and they are based on topics that are really tough to read about but at the same time, the topics really intrigue you and you can’t put the books down.  They are definitely not “uppers.”  The Pact is another story that goes between “Now” and “Then” and has to do with a high school couple (in the “Now”) where after the first chapter of the book, the girl is dead and the boy is not and you see how everything unfolds.  I just love books that go between multiple times!  Anyways…a good book and tough to put down but it definitely won’t put you in a good mood.

I’m about to start a new book by Charles Martin called The Mountain Between Us.  Hopefully I’ll like it as much as I did the last one of his that I read!

As always, I’m interested to know of any really good books that you’ve read!  I try to read during the school year to relax me and if I have a really good book I definitely make the time to read!

More silly things from my students

I have been saving up lots and lots of quotes from kids in anticipation of a hilariously funny post of students’ sayings…

  • When we played a new song on the recorder…”Ms.Schmidt, this sounds like home to me.”
  • One of my kids for 5 minutes kept singing “Don’t touch it!” instead of “Can’t touch this.”
  • When a class came in, there was classical music playing.  A kid said “this music makes me feel smart…kind of how like when I come home, my mom’s boyfriend has rock music playing and it makes me want to work on stuff like my skateboard.”
  • A student slipped and fell in the cafeteria, got up, looked at the floor and yelled “Curse that spill!”
  • I was told that someone’s grandmother was in the hospital for bronINchitis and Amonia
  • We were passing out recorders (that are kept in bags) and when one student got their recorder, they brought it up to me and said “Ms. Schmidt!  My recorder smells like __________.”  (another student in her class
  • A male student had a necklace that had a pendant-type thing with writing on it.  A boy went to touch it so they could see what it said…the student who it belonged to said “STOP.  You can’t touch that…only girls, boys I care about, and grown-ups can touch that.”
  • When I was given a Valentine’s Day gift from a student he gave it to me and said “Ms.Schmidt, this is for all the extra time you give up for us for chorus and Advanced chorus rehearsal.  I love you.”  How sweet 🙂
  • “Ms. Schmidt, does my shirt give you nightmares?”
  • We were playing longtones on the recorder (holding different notes for a long time) and a student told me, “Ms. Schmidt, it sounds like we’re calling to aliens!”
  • There were a group of students the other day that cracked me up cause they kept walking around the music room during Strings tuning since “Tra la la laaaaa” over and over and over
  • “Ms. Schmidt, _________, is mad at me and is being mean.”  “Why is he being mad at you.”  “Cause I cheated in gym.”
  • When passing out recorders, there was an extra one in a class’s box and everyone already had their’s…a student asked “Who’s is this?” and another student said “God’s!!  He sent it to us as a gift!”
  • Conversation at the lunch table…

          A: Ms. Schmidt, B called me a punk

          B: No I didn’t

          C: B, you can’t lie!  It makes God mad!!

          D: Yeah and then you can’t become an angel!!

          Me: Yeah, B don’t you want to become an angel??

          B: Noooooo!!!!

          C: If you’re not an angel, then you become a DEZON!!!

          D: Yeah, that’s a BAD angel!!

          At this point I can see that student B, is pretty psyched about becoming a dezon…haha


Well there they are…hope you enjoyed!!